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  • Download The Interwebz With FreeZone!12 Jul 2011

    There is only one thing more fun than playing games… Playing them for free! Launched in 2009 as just one of the Web Africa team’s many innovations, FreeZone remains one of our most popular services on offer to our loyal ...
  • Clear Skies 3 has undocked at last!02 Jun 2011

    Clear Skies 3 was finally released by producer Ian Chisholm to an eager fan base across the internet on May 29th /30th. Weighing in at a mighty 2.2GB download, this machinima is the result of months of hard work; creating ...
  • WAGE Crysis 2 Servers Launched08 Mar 2011

    Web Africa Gaming Experience (WAGE), an EA Ranked Server Provider, has launched its Crysis 2 servers in time for the March 1st Demo of the game being released
  • COD4: Blood, guts and glory… Time to get dirty!05 Nov 2010

    To get to the WAGE Call of Duty 4 Servers you can: Make a few quick setting changes within your game client; or You can find and track servers, without using the in-game server browser. We’ll show you how to ...